Keeping your rights on track

Your admin partner for neighboring rights collection with a personal touch and eye for detail.

“We want to enable artists to focus on what lies closest to their hearts, undistracted by tedious paperwork."
“Artists can cure their administrative headaches by teaming up with the right partner. We have a personalized approach and offer a custom fit collection set-up designed together with the client."

Troubled relationship with the business side of music? Hate form filling, don’t want to waste time cataloguing your rights and reviewing royalty statements? Cue, Zanoise!


Believe it or not, we love doing administration, it gives us energy. We support, guide and organize so you can focus on what’s needed: writing and recording that beautiful song.


We don’t like stating the obvious about direct collections, transparency, swift accountings, with cutting-edge tools and portals. We rather focus on creating the rights collection set-up that works best for YOU.


“If you keep doing what you love, we will do the same and you will love us for it"