Zanoise Talent

Customised Rights Management

With our deep expertise and global understanding of neighbouring rights processes and regulations, Zanoise secures royalties for artists and content creators. When you partner with us, you have access to a team dedicated to your long-term success, offering transparent guidance through this often-overlooked revenue stream.

Rights assessment and guidance

We begin by assessing your rights situation, offering honest and professional guidance. Benefit from our complimentary initial consultation and advice, tailored to chart the best path for your success.

Quick and easy communication

Expect great communication with a guaranteed response time of within 24 hours. We're here to address your queries and concerns promptly.

Metadata file creation

Accuracy in tracking and reporting your works is crucial. We create detailed metadata files for your repertoire, ensuring precise monitoring and management.

Claiming tracks

We actively manage the claiming of your tracks on online society portals, diligently working to ensure you receive the royalties you deserve.

Regular updates

Stay informed with regular updates from our team. We keep you informed about our actions on your behalf and our upcoming plans.

Royalty calculation and payout

Receive your rightfully earned royalties with transparency. We calculate and pay out royalties quarterly, with detailed, precise reports accessible through our online portal.

No lengthy contracts

Your satisfaction and flexibility are our priority, not lengthy contracts. 

Flexibility and transition

We understand the importance of flexibility. Whether you wish to switch representation or manage things yourself, we ensure a straightforward and transparent transition process.