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And the fight for creators goes on

Nov 28, 2023

Exciting news in the world of music and intellectual property rights! After the notable sale of Session Studio to SALT by ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus, Niclas Molinder, and producer Max Martin, their dedication to supporting creators hasn't waned.

In a significant move, the trio, through the Music Rights Awareness Foundation, has joined hands with the World Intellectual Property Organisation – WIPO. Together, they have launched CLIP - Creators Learn Intellectual Property.

CLIP is designed to educate creators about the many aspects of intellectual property (IP) rights and management.

Having spent some time exploring CLIP, we can confidently say it offers a wealth of concise, well-written, and relevant information. For those concerned about it being dry, rest assured: CLIP provides real-life insights and curated content, including videos, from seasoned musicians and mentors.

Is there a downside? Perhaps one is that the information appears to be written from a European perspective. For instance, the page on 'Rights in Sound Recordings and Performances' states, 'CMOs collect some remuneration rights for songwriters, performers, and other rights holders that are non-waivable and not transferable.' While this may be true in Europe, in the US, it's quite common to assign or transfer one's rights to a third (for-profit) party, as per the Work-Made-For-Hire doctrine.

Moreover, we should consider that many artists, particularly younger ones, may not actively research IP topics on a website. They often prefer learning through videos. A dedicated YouTube channel might therefore be more effective in reaching a broader artist community.

That said, CLIP is a great initiative and deserves praise. Every step towards the right direction is valuable!"