Zanoise Talent

US artists will receive Irish royalties, but when?

Jun 12, 2021

On February 4, 2021 the Irish High Court ruled in the dispute between Irish neighboring rights societies RAAP (performer rights) and PPI (record labels).

It followed the EU court’s ruling that the right to equitable remuneration under the EU Directive must be granted both to EU performers and record labels AND to those who are nationals of other WPPT signatories (the US are a WPPT-signatory).

Also it ruled that both artists and record labels should share in the neighboring rights income (and thus it ruled against PPI’s refusal to let the artists share in the income collected for US recordings).

Very encouraging news for US artists, be it that first Ireland’s copyright law needs to be changed in accordance with the EU court ruling – hasn’t been done yet. So the biggest question is now when US artist will get (more) money out of Ireland.

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