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Willie Colón signs with Zanoise

Zanoise Talent
Jan 08, 2024By Zanoise Talent

Zanoise celebrates the start of 2024 with a new deal! 

At Zanoise Talent, we believe in the quiet power of music and the artists who create it. It's with great pleasure and gratitude that we announce that legendary musician, producer, singer, Willie Colón has entrusted us with the administration of his international neighboring rights.

The deal was facilitated through the efforts of Herman Rodriguez-Bajandas, Willie Colón's long-time music publishing administrator, advisor, and personal friend.

Willie Colón's impact on Latin music is both profound and enduring. His career spans decades of making music with and for legendary performers such as Celia Cruz, Hector La Voe, Ruben Blades, Johnny Pacheco, Ismael Miranda, Fania All-Stars, David Byrne, and his own solo work, continues to resonate with music fans worldwide.

For Zanoise, the deal is not just about managing royalties; it's also about honoring Willie Colón’s incredible artistic legacy worldwide. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and global reach to maximize Willie Colón’s neighboring rights, ensuring that he will get paid from every corner of the world.

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