Zanoise Talent

Zanoise co—sponsoring NYSBA’s 2022 Music Business Law Conference!

Oct 01, 2022

Zanoise Talent is again co-sponsoring NYSBA’s annual Music Business Law Conference.

During the conference, industry experts discuss a wide array of key music industry topics. During the webinar View from Washington DC top experts shed light on the most relevant developments in copyright legislation, amongst which the American Music Fairness Act. An extremely important law for artists and labels as it ensures they will get paid for regular airplay by US broadcasters.

Interesting bycatch: they will also receive overseas neighbouring rights royalties!

This has to do with the fact that foreign countries refuse to pay royalties for regular airplay to American artists and labels as long as the US don’t reciprocate this. The moment this changes, and the US do start paying airplay royalties, then the doors of the European CMOs will be opened for American artists and labels.

Kudos to Marc Jacobson and Rosemarie Tully.