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Ze Germans online

Jan 27, 2023

We are currently making an inventory of where individual countries stand when it comes to artists’ individual remuneration for streaming. This in view of EU Directive 2019/0790, article 18 which recognizes the right for artists to receive a “appropriate and proportionate” remuneration for this type of exploitation. All EU member states were required to implement the directive in their local legislation by 7 June 2021. This week we’re focusing on Germany.

In June 2021, the German parliament approved a number of legislative changes. Article 3, §4 and §21 of the Urhebergesetz provide for a direct compensation right for authors and artists that cannot be waived or assigned to third parties (with the exception of CMOs, etc.). This compensation does not concern uses for platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Deezer, but rather platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. The legislative changes have been processed in GVL’s representation agreements late 2021. It is unclear yet if (and to what extent) the German collective @GVL have already received royalties from YT and FB.

GVL did receive considerable license amounts for other online uses in 2021: €8,3M in total (2020: €7,4M).